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Friday, August 30, 2013

L’Atelier des vélos

You’ve certainly seen an engraved crankset or something, leaked on the web last months…
Here is an excluziv preview of these beautiful engraved bicycle parts coming straight from L’Atelier des vélos.
The Tomasini bicycle is the #1 from the Tommasini x ADV “plongeante” Limited edition series.
Quentin (ADV owner) wanted to build a unique piece using Campagnolo, Nitto NJS parts with something different, something “new”:
He asked to his friend and craftsman “Christophe” to add some “arabesques” on each parts (The handmade work is just amazing! We had the chance to be at L’Atelier when Christophe brang them and we were totally Knocked Out!).
Quentin wanted to show a “made in france” artwork and “Savoir faire” and promote Christophe’s work by the way.
(Christophe, your artwork is just amazing and beautiful : BRAVO !)
He is now thinking about a possibility for people to get this on their own bicycle parts…(email for any infos).
This is just the begining, Quentin has several projects like that (custom frames, “tattooed” saddles, custom frame paints, etc. : You should stay focus…It’s gonna be a blast !)
For any infos, questions, orders : JUST ASK
Atelier des vélos Facebook Page.


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