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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Bridge Street Saddlebag

The 21st Century saddlebag for unencumbered adventures
There's room for a better saddlebag....
The bicycle has always been about freedom: Throw a few essentials into a bag and set out for a day, a weekend, or a year...
The Bridge Street Saddlebag emerged from our search for the perfect bag for lightweight, unencumbered adventures. It takes all the benefits of traditional large capacity saddlebags, and adds a bunch of new ones too:
  • It lets you carry all you want, without encouraging you to take more than you need
  • It keeps the load off your back - so it won't make you hot and uncomfortable - and puts it close to the centre of the bike for better handling
  • It's light, since it doesn't need an external rack or frame, while clever use of modern materials mean its around half the weight of a canvas or leather bag
  • It fits directly onto your bike's seat post with a robust, proven quick release bracket, so it can be fitted or removed in a second, and it works with any kind of saddle
  • It has a simple, roll top closure that keeps out the rain and allows the capacity to expand and contract according to your needs
  • It doesn't sway from side to side as you ride, or rub against your frame, tyre or mudguard 
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