These Sneakers Come With A Built-In Tent, For When You Need A Private Moment [FastCompany]

The Walking-Shelter set of kicks means you’re never far from home, because home can be wherever you set up your shoe-tent.

Being human is hard. We’re squishy, lumbering, and sensitive. We don’t have claws or wings, and instead of arriving on this planet with houses on our backs like hermit crabs, we have to build them.
Australian architecture collective Sibling has designed a solution for this last problem. When Aussie clothing manufacturer Gorman asked 21 companies and artists to optimize a white canvas high-top sneaker for a line of “Choose Your Own Adventure Shoes,” Sibling, a collaboration among eight architect friends, made theirs with a built-in nylon and polyester shelter. The Walking-Shelter is perfect for a vision quest, walkabout, or epic bar crawl that demands collapsing of exhaustion at the end...