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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's Big With The College Kids? Bike Sharing | Forbes

Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio (Photo credit: Dougtone via Flickr)
Hello, Columbus! Bike sharing has come to the home of The Ohio State University, in a new program called CoGo.
The bike sharing system launched Tuesday morning, according to the Columbus Dispatch, with 30 bike sharing locations spread across the city. The program, like many across the United States, is run by the city in conjunction with Alta Bike Share. The city and Alta have a contract that calls for revenues to be split, once operating costs are covered.
CoGo will have 300 bikes, painted in gray and red (the OSU colors) and a price range similar to bike sharing programs in Chicago, Boston and New York. A daily pass costs $6, while an annual membership costs $75. If someone rides off with a bike and doesn’t return it, they’ll be charged $1,200.


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