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Monday, September 9, 2013

Cyclist hit by car challenges police over fine, video evidence | Sydney Morning Herald

The video starts off like any other typical workday ride.
A cyclist is riding along the road, glancing over his shoulder to check on other vehicles, when a white jeep flashes past.
I feel I have been brushed aside on this issue. It's galling. 
Suddenly, the car's side mirror knocks him from his bike, sending him tumbling to the ground at high speed. As the camera comes to rest, you can hear the cyclist's screams of agony. His upper leg has been shattered.
Moment of impact: a still from the video.
Moment of impact: a still from the video.
This video is gaining traction on social media after being posted by the Brisbane cyclist who claims Queensland police fabricated his testimony on the official crash report, in the course of fining the driver of the car one demerit point for "following too closely".
It comes to light at a time when cycling advocacy groups are renewing a national campaign for a minimum passing distance law, following the death of cyclist Richard Pollett in similar circumstances.


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