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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fix It Sticks

About Fix It Sticks

In my experience most of the problems I encounter on a ride could be fixed with just a few tools. However, the tools are left behind either because they are heavy, not working or just too bulky for your jersey or seatbag.  
The real value of Fix It Sticks is the ability to buy 1 set of tools to use at home and the same set excels for use on the road. No more compromising!
Fix It Sticks are able to get into very tight spaces by using a single stick to start a bolt, once in place, torque is applied with our unique T-handle design. Traditional multi tools lack proper engagement mainly because there are too many pivot points which leads to stripped out bolts and frustrating roadside repairs.
Fix It Sticks bicycle multi tools are designed to be modular and customizable. Carrying sockets, wrenches, a magnifying glass, knives, etc can be a waste, just carry what you need. In the near future we will have many combinations of sticks to choose from. Allowing our customers to build a quality tool collection that is totally customized for use on the road or at home
Fix it Sticks are constructed of high-quality aluminum and steel bits.

Order Now!

Order our made in the USA tool today and enjoy immediate shipping for FREE in the USA. International orders are available for a modest shipping fee.


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