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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oregon DOT Steps Up on the Pacific Coast Route | Adventure Cycling Association

This summer, I took my bike respite on the TransAm, from my backdoor in Missoula, to Florence, Oregon. I rode with my husband (pictured above riding from Eugene to Florence) and for two weeks I shut myself off from email and immersed myself in life on the road. Overall, I was really impressed with the route through Oregon (with the exception of an 18-mile section heavy with truck and commercial traffic). Most of the time, there were good shoulders and to my delight, none of them were overtaken with rumble strips.
Upon entering Florence and making our way over the last three miles to the hiker-biker site at Honeyman State Park, my husband commented on the poor shoulders. There was debris and the paving was a mess — with a ridge down the center of the shoulder. But we only had three miles to ride and I thought it was probably an anomaly. We’d seen paving like this periodically during our ride so I didn’t dwell on it, figuring I’d talk to my contacts at Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and State Parks and Recreation when I returned to the office.


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