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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 50 Best Bike Shops In America 2013 | The Active Times - Congrats @paradisegarage #23

As we've said before, a good bike shop is more than just a place to buy new wheels. It’s also a place to get your trusty steed patched up or learn how to do it for yourself (teach a man to fish, they say…). It’s a place to swap war stories about the dead-of-winter commute or receive hard-earned advice regarding gear ratios and componentry. It’s where you can find an after-work group ride, link up with a training partner, get information on the local singletrack or volunteer to help maintain it. In other words, we at The Active Times think that, at its best, a good local bike shop (“LBS” in cyclist parlance) is the hub of the cycling community. Because we love biking so much, we wanted to recognize 50 shops across the nation that embody this spirit better than anyone. A couple weeks ago, we asked you to get involved and vote for the best bike shops in America.


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