Living at over 2800 feet and regularly spinning my wheels over the mile mark, every once in awhile I need to drop back down to sea level to calibrate the altimeter. Moreover, with a fatbike in the stable, I've been itching to put rubber to the sand, wind to my back, boat on the bars, freely exploring the Alaskan Coast...
Unfortunately, as with most of us, the Lost Coast is simply out of reach. Work, family, life...there's no shortage of hurdles to clock-block a man’s wanderlust. But there is hope. A mere ten-hour drive sits between Boise, Idaho and the Oregon Coast where long stretches of beach run uninterrupted, punctured by coastal rivers, bays and rocky bluffs. And fortunately for the people, the 1967 Oregon Beach Bill provided unrestricted beach access to everyone; including two guys on fatbikes.


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