Bicyclists often left to writhe after collisions | Columbus Dispatch

Brad Young’s mangled bicycle rests near a pole after he was struck Sept. 1 in Hilliard by a vehicle that fled the scene.
The impact of the side mirror came without warning, forcing David Kelly into a storm drain and catapulting him from his bicycle.
What had, until then, been a pleasant ride near Sharon Woods Metro Park in April last year was among his last. Since then, he has struggled with pain and has lost faith in roadway safety. As with many other collisions between bicycles and cars, the driver who hit him slowed but didn’t stop.
“It’s traumatic. You’re flying through the air and hit pavement; for a few minutes you’re not sure if you’re alive or dead,” Kelly recalled last week from his North Side home. His injuries required skin grafts and back surgery. He has struggled, but come to understand, why a driver might not stop.


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