Bike Helmet Buddy Will Text Your Mom in the Event of a Head Injury | @gadgetlab

With autumn upon us and winter beginning its descent, let’s strike up the Anvil Chorus in honor of all the craniums that, like so many precious and unique hammers, will soon hit something really hard really fast.
Watch as the courageous year-round cyclist hits a schmear of slimy leaves, gets waylaid by some black ice, or bunny-hops into a wet trolley track. Oof! Observe the coon-eyed mountain Chad as he strays into a feral pack of heedless snowboarders, gets cocky on some double-black vertical, or yard-sales after hucking off a sweet jump. Pow!
Good thing they’re wearing helmets. But if that’s you lying there in your snazzy helmet, what if you still don’t wake up? Get KO’d or suffer a serious outage and you’ll most likely lie there and collect angel tears — unless you were smart and/or paranoid enough to drop 150 beans on an ICEdot Crash Sensor.