Forget room service -- order a bike | @CNN

Austin's Heywood Hotel offers guests complimentary access to sweet rides such as this Republic bicycle.
(CNN) -- Hotels have introduced all sorts of fun amenities over the years, from iPads to pet goldfish. One of the features that seems to be growing in popularity is bicycles, which are no doubt a great way for guests to discover a new destination.
While some properties charge for the privilege, many don't, such as these 10 hotels across the globe that have free loaner bikes so their guests can get out and explore everything the area has to offer. So strap on your helmet, stretch out your quads and start pedaling.
Hotel Monaco (Portland, Oregon)
Back in July, Kimpton announced that all of its hotels would now offer free loaner bikes. This Kimpton property happens to be in Portland, one of America's most bike-friendly cities -- boasting miles and miles of well-marked bike paths, including the esplanade along the scenic Willamette River. In addition to a fleet of 18 beach cruisers, city bikes and road bikes for guests to tool around town on, the hotel has a special bike with a built-in beer tap and coffee spout that's on display when staffers aren't out cruising around in it.