FUBi bike: World's most compact folding bicycle?

FUBi the bicycle reinvented

The basic idea with FUBi was this: a foldable bicycle that was very easy to store inside due to optimum compactness and at the same time would retain all the functionality and styling of standard full-sized bicycles!
In order to obtain this optimum compactness a totally new (and patented) collapsible frame was devised where the aim was to reduce the volume of the folded “package” as much as possible. I.e. optimum compactness!

The compact folding

This is really what Fubi is about: Compactness! The frame is so small that it fits into a tennis racket bag.
This optimum compactness makes things that have been impossible before into a reality. FUBi fits in most small places like under bed, in a car, in a storage looker and even in a kitchen cabinet.
With FUBi its is your imagination that sets the limit