Groovy Cycleworks LUV Handles [Wooster OH]

From the Groovy Cycleworks site

I'd been searching for just the right bar to decrease the pain in my wrist and elbows after an intense ride. The current crop of alternative bars just did not seem to do it for me...too much sweep, not enought rise, too weak...


Let me introduce to you the Luv Handle...built of 4130 aircraft steel or 3/2.5 Haynes Titanium. The bar sports a gentle 4 degree rise and a 21.5 degree back sweep, meeting the natural anatomic position of your wrist and hands to allow for reduced stress on the supportive structures resulting in all day comfort and control. The design allows you to use your current stem and the grip section is long enough to mate with any combination of shifters and brake levers...just slide them on and hit the dirt.


assortment.jpg (From bottom to top: Ti, Ceramic, Steel clear powder, Black Powder, Custom paint x 2)


 assortment 1.jpg

The steel bars offer a super stable platform that is perfect for those desiring a strong bar and flex free ride. Mated to a bike with front suspension, it offers the pinnacle of strength and control.


Hardcore enough to ride rigid or just want some bling factor, the Ti Luv is for you. The bar offers the same design as the steel model, but offers more compliance for trail shock absorbption and fatigue resistance without sacrificing strength or feeling like a wet noodle. The bars come in at 275 grams and are available in a glass bead, ceramic, or painted finish.

weld shots.jpg 



Width - 26.0" from the tip of the grip to the opposite point

Rise - 4 degrees or 1.0"

Sweep - 21.5 degree

Clamp diameter - 25.4

Weight - 380 grams for Steel with a powder coat finish

- 275 grams for Ti

How to order...
I produce the bars every other month and always sell out by pre-order, please contact for availability and lead times.
Below are the available configurations:
Steel Luv Handles -
Black/Silver/White powdercoat - $95.00
Ceramic coated - $135.00
Custom liquid paint - $135.00
Custom width (added to grip section) - $15.00 additional
Titanium Luv Handles -
Glass bead finish with polished graphic - $275.00
Black/Silver/White powdercoat - $275.00
Ceramic coated - $315.00
Custom liquid paint - $315.00
Custom width (added to grip section) - $15.00 additional
Custom shims for 31.8 available for $10.00
Shipping -
USPS priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation is $12.00. International customers, please email me for a shipping quote.