How many minutes are you worth? @surlybikes

Every year someone dies on a bicycle. Cars hit bicyclists every year and every year there are people in our community, friends, family, co-workers that suffer injuries and worse due to being struck by vehicles. There are many instances of DUI involvement and many more of clean and sober moving violations on either parties side. The part that pisses me off the most is the surge of bike hate that causes malicious acts against cyclist for the simple reason of being too slow, taking up space or being presumed to have some superiority. There are bloggers that write about being so angry with the slow moving cyclists downtown that they want to encourage people to spray them in the face with super soakers filled with hot sauce concoctions. Garbage and slushies are thrown at cyclists in and out of bike lanes. Burning cigarettes too. Any cyclist who has read a post about a bicycle accident knows standard responses include "Were they wearing a helmet?" "Were they in their lane?" "Why do they have to be in the road when there is a sidewalk?" and other such responses working to assign blame to the cyclist.