New law requires 3-foot clearance to pass cyclists on roadway | KABC-TV LA

Bicycle riders have tried, and failed, to get a "cushion" law passed before. This time, they succeeded.
A new statewide law orders drivers to provide at least 3 feet of space when passing a cyclist. Violators could face a $35 fine.
Westchester resident Vince Anderson says in the 30 years he has been bicycling, he has suffered numerous injuries after being hit by cars on the road. Anderson welcomes the new law. But he wishes it went even further.
"Three feet, that's all? Yeah, that would certainly help," said Anderson. "I think a majority of the time people don't realize that if they just go to change the radio or just swerve a little bit that's all it takes to hit a cyclist because they can get pretty close. I think a lot of times they don't realize how close they are."
Not all drivers think the bill is a good idea.
"I think that's a little bit too much, actually. If there's a 3-feet rule and there is no other opportunity to go around them, then you're stuck behind a bicyclist for about 20 miles. You are in a lot of trouble," said La Crescenta resident Oscar Alonzo.

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