Pickup driver’s fight with cyclists leads to crushed bike, jail | @YahooAutos

In the past few years, many cities and local governments have embraced bicycling as a reasonable way to use public roads — carving out special lanes, setting up bike-sharing stations and generally making life easier for those who want to travel by two wheels rather than four.
But those moves haven't come without complaint about congestion and special treatment, and just as biking clubs have grown for weekend riders, so has anti-bike advocacy and concerns about who rules the road — such as the handmade warning signs above from a pro-vehicle group. In a shocking but not surprising turn, one Texas man now faces charges after being caught on video threatening a group of cyclists with a baseball bat — and ending the row by running over a $5,000 bicycle.
The incident took place in Conroe, Texas, last week, where the Woodlands Cycling Club often rides a loop around subdivisions — a route, its members say, that has little traffic and a 30-mph speed limit. According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, the cyclists were riding single-file when one Sherman Ralph Clark, 74, yelled at them from his pickup, then pulled into their path and braked suddenly, causing one of the riders to crash.

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