Revelate Designs Terrapin - Drybag holster @RevelateDesigns #letsride

Behold the next evolution in Adventure biking saddle bags!
The Terrapin is a holster-like mount that accepts a drybag or similarly shaped load. With a drybag you get a 100% waterproof system where the load can be quickly removed from the bike for packing or unpacking.
The key to the Terrapin is it's compression system and internal structure. It features a stiff plastic bottom and side sheets. The sides are additionally stiffened with fiberglass to resist outward buldging when an unweildly load is shoved in. The lower side wing straps feature an upward pull, 3:1 mechanical advantage which engages the side panels, yielding massive compression.
Mount and Drybag sold seperately
NOT compatible with the Spocket top pouch. sorry.
REQUIRED TIRE MIN CLEARANCE: 8.5" rails to tire.
The Terrapin drybag is made from 200 denier urethane coated nylon with flat taped seams. It also fits inside the Viscacha seat bag and can be used as a waterproof liner however the shapes do not match at the very front of the bags.


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