Ride to work? You’ll need a bike barrier for that | The Conversation

We’ve got to stop seeing paint on the road as adequate for cyclists. Flickr/crosby_cj
Between 1% and 3% of Australian commuters are out on the roads today proving cycling is often the fastest transport choice in Australian cities.
Why don’t more people join them?
It is not for a lack of interest. Australians have already stocked their households with an average of 1.6 bikes. The reason most of those bikes gather dust in garages is that few of us are prepared to risk our lives riding near cars, as Australian traffic and planning authorities expect us to do.
Now even the US has decided to make it easier for cyclists. Will Australia ever catch up?
In-carriage cycling – mixing it with car traffic – is the primary reason our death rates per million kilometres cycled are three times higher than in the Netherlands. We may have helmets, but the Dutch have the protection that matters: barrier protection from cars.