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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RideSTRONG for Cancer Survivors 2013 | @YMCAColumbus‎

TRAIN for 250 miles (we’ll help you!)

From Oct. 1-Nov 8, train at the YMCA’s indoor and outdoor cycling classes exclusively for RideSTRONG participants. You can participate in all of the RideSTRONG training classes at any YMCA branch.* track your mileage Coming Oct. 1

RAISE $250 (or more!)

That’s a dollar per mile. $250 will support one survivor to participate in LiveSTRONG at the YMCA for 6 weeks.

RideSTRONG Nov 9

Join hundreds of cyclists in Central Ohio’s largest indoor cycling event: The RideSTRONG for Cancer Survivors! 100 bikes, 6 hours, celebrity cycling instructors, raffle prizes** every hour, swag, plus 2 TREK bikes grand prizes! Select your own 2-hour time slot and join hundreds of cyclists in Central Ohio's largest indoor cycling.

[Learn more at YMCAColumbus‎]


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