RYB Denim jeans for women | @rybdenim

ryb indiegogo oct2-nov17 from RYB Denim on Vimeo.

Why Are We Making These Jeans?

*Most jeans wear through in the seat and saddle area, usually very quickly after you start riding in them.
*The standard center seam placement in the seat makes them uncomfortable to sit on.
*The back rise is generally too low and can expose you lower back..and even your butt..not good!
*There is not enough room designed for the movement of your thigh and calf muscles, and your knees.
*They lack other features that are benefits as you ride, like deeper pockets, a lock holder, a key holder, pocket placement, and reflective seam piping.

RYB Denim Solutions

The RYB Denim jean design came about after talking to friends and fellow cyclists from around the world.
*The RYB jean has a one-of-a-kind, unique, double-reinforced seat gusset specifically designed to eliminate saddle wear.
*The seat gusset design also removes that uncomfortable center seam
*A swooping waistband to increase coverage and comfort, higher in the back and comfortable in the front.

*Adjusted pocket size placement on the back, and deeper front pockets with comfortable openings

*Technical and custom engineering of a premium denim to make a soft, durable, stretch denim that also wicks away moisture.
*Overall, the jean is designed to fit better in all the important areas while you’re cycling with extra benefits, like a built-in lock holder, reinforced belt loops, and reflective seam piping

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