Spybike covert bicycle GPS tracker

Spybike bicycle trackers are covert GPS devices that hide on your bike
Arm them when you lock your bike and they will notify you if someone moves it
You can then track your bike online or on your phone and find out where it has gone using our free realtime tracking service
Dont let the thieves get away with your pride and joy!

1. Arm the tracker with your keyring

Arm the tracker when you lock your bicycle

2. A thief steals your bicycle 

SPYBIKE is disguised to look like a normal topcap so the thief is unaware of its presence

3. SPYBIKE sends you an SMS message 

SPYBIKE contains a motion sensor. When it detects prolonged motion it will wake up and send you an SMS message so you know immediately your bicycle is moving

4. SPYBIKE begins tracking

Your bicycle's journey will be tracked and stored in our database. You can follow along on your computer or mobile phone