The Bike Index: Let's Stop Bike Theft, Together | Kickstarter

We've created an open source bike registry to fight bike theft and save the world

We built the Bike Index because we were frustrated by the prevalence of bike theft and by everyone's fatalistic response to it. We regularly saw people trying to sell stolen bikes, and would search for the bikes online—but it was too difficult to find good information about them.
So we built a bike registry that encourages people to register their bikes, offers people a way to verify bikes they sell, and makes sure everyone who needs it can access information about bikes - all while protecting your privacy.

We need support so that when we meet with local governments and manufacturers, we can show them people want an open source, usable bike registry.
We need your help to expand!
  • Travel to the eleven biggest bike cities in the United States to meet with shop owners and give them the ability to register bikes for free (the cities: NYC, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Madison, Tucson, Austin, Denver, D.C., and Minneapolis).
  • Integrate with StolenBikeRegistryChicago.StolenBikes and other existing services to create a universal search for stolen bikes.