Video: Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Highlights @advcyclingassoc

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route has received incredible media coverage over the last few years, made famous in large part by the fabulous documentary Ride the Divide and its subject, the unsanctioned, winner-takes-nothing-but-bragging-rights Tour Divide race, which runs the route's entire 2,774 miles.
Early this year, with the release of the second edition of Mac McCoy's classic Cycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North America's Premier Long-Distance Mountain Bike Routeguidebook on the horizon, we brainstormed how we could promote the solitude, beauty, and accessibility of the route to an even broader swath of cyclists who weren't looking to compete, but just enjoy the ride and stunning beauty of the route; cyclists wishing to ride it in its entirety at their own pace, or who hope to complete a short section of the route, perhaps on a leisurely weeklong tour. (Did you know that our maps for the route are broken into 250- to 500-mile map sections?) So, over the last six months Adventure Cycling and Co-Motion Cycles, in conjunction with Revelate Designs, worked to produce a terrific new highlights video for the Great Divide. Directed, shot, and edited by videographer and photographer Doug Davis, we're pretty happy with the results. Check it out below. 

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