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Head Marshal Chris Helbling's Garmin map of the route

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West Virginia Gazette article by Rick Steelhammer

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When I (Danny Chew) get to the top of each hill, we will wait for about 10 minutes until the majority of the riders reach the top, and then (on my word) we will ride neutral to the next hill, where I will blow my whistle to signal the start. Please allow the car points scorers Kevin & Carol are driving to get through the pack so that they can get to the next hill before the riders do. Realistically, only about 50 riders are strong/fast enough to get points, so I would appreciate it if the majority of the other riders don't fight for the front of the pack at the bottom of each hill. The old 3rd hill - Berryhill Rd. is out this year because it is closed and barricaded off at both the bottom and top. So the Middle Rd. section of the route has been eliminated. It is about 1.5 miles from the top of the 2nd hill (Ravine St./Sharps Hill) to the bottom of High St./Seavey Rd. in Etna. Be extra cautious on the long descent on Kittanning St. as there is a dangerous sewer grate (wide holes parallel to our direction) on the right side of the road 0.2 mile before the traffic light on Rt. 8. Rialto St. (Pig Hill) will return to the DD this year. It is closed to traffic, and the first wave of riders will be all riders who have scored any points on the first 4 hills. The second wave will be all of the women. Then everybody else.


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