NEW REPORT: WHERE WE RIDE from League of American Bicyclists @BikeLeague

In “Where we Ride: An Analysis of Bicycling in American Cities” we take a look at bicycle commuters throughout the nation, looking at broad trends (such as the three states that have had a more than 100% increase since 2005) and more particular analyses (such as top bike commuter rates in cities of various sizes).
We have crunched the numbers so that they are easy to share and easy to find. In this report, we take a look at:
  • The 25 cities in America with the most (estimated) bicycle commuters
  • How all 50 states rank according to bicycle commuters as a share of all commuters
  • How cities with a high percentage of bicycle commuters compare to other cities in their regions
  • How cities compare based upon multimodal commuters, looking beyond just bikes to other forms of transportation that involve more physical activity, including walking and transit
  • Cities where a majority of bicycle commuters are women