Report Shows That Rails-With-Trails Are Safe and Increasing @advcyclingassoc

A walking trail in downtown White Rock, south of Vancouver, BC shares a right of way with a busy freight train corridor.
I first heard about the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) when I would visit my grandparents in Kalispell, MT and they would take me on the Great Northern Memorial rail-trail that they helped bring to life. It was one of Montana’s first rail-trails and it took about ten years to complete the full 25 miles. As one of the few trails of its kind in Kalispell, it is very popular with runners and cyclists, and my grandparents still use it every day without fail to get out and walk the dogs.
My grandparents began working on this trail in 1989, only three years after RTC became established. Back then (yes, that was a long time ago for me!) there were only around 200 rail-trails in the U.S., and that number has grown immensely in the last 28 years, thanks to the work of RTC and their volunteers. There are now 1,800 rail-trails totaling 20,000-plus miles across all 50 states, and now rails-with-trails are growing as well.