Seven Ways of Looking at a Bicycle | Pedal Love

A toy for kids or some sport for the very skinny athletes. That's what I used to think bicycling was, until I found myself as a car-less college student who was sick of taking two buses to travel four miles. I bought a used road bike from another student and found so much more. Nowadays, I hear a lot of, "Oh it's just going to get stolen." or "It's just so unsafe. Plus you get so sweaty!" But to me, it is so much more.
Lately all I have been hearing from friends is about how bikes, (1) will get stolen, (2) are unsafe, (3) will get you too sweaty etc. And the thing is, those are all true and possible! (But a laptop or iPhone can get stolen, lost.. can be unsafe when used while driving too!) I wanted to counter those with my musings and meditations on what biking every day has given me in spite of those 3 realities: