The Road | Vimeo

The Road from Christopher Riley on Vimeo.

Ever wanted to pedal from London to Bangkok in under 4 minutes? Before cyclists Francesca and Sam left on their odyssey, I proposed that they take photos of the road ahead as they peddled slowly east. Some 4,500 images later you can now 'odycycle' with them at a little over 73km per second from West to East, accompanied on their way by a spellbinding score from the great Philip Sheppard ( Thanks also to Stephanie Kern ( at Kern Productions ( for sharing all the painstaking editing, and to for their support.
Odycycle is collecting money for the wonderful MacMillan Nurses at, so do contribute if you can. And you can read more about their adventure at
In making the film and living, for weeks, with all these images of the roads they'd cycled along it occurred to me how similar they all are - as the resulting film speeds along them seamlessly crossing boarders and passing through so many communities and cultures, connecting all of us on our own individual life journeys.
We have far more in common in our lives than we sometimes think.