Jeff Jones debuts new version of the H-bar | Bicycle Times

For more than a decade Jeff Jones has been producing his 45-degree sweep bars. In that time, they have always been a multi-piece affair with the grip area welded to the crossbar. After many iterations, including some sold under the Titec brand, Jones has a new one-piece bar, the Bend H-bar.
You do lose out on the multiple hand postions of the Loop bar, and it is available only in the 660mm width for now, no 710mm yet. Personally I find that alt-bars like this ride wider than a standard bend bar, so I’m happy on the 660s. Normally I feel weird on anything narrower than 720mm with standard bars.
The best news about the Bend H-bar is the price. At $85 it is $35 cheaper than the Alumnum Loop bar and almost $300 less than the Ti version. It is also 170 grams lighter than the aluminum Loop bar. The longer extensions also play nicer with shifters for you non-singlespeeders.
Also in the good news column, my Bar Mitts fit! I originally stopped using H-Bars on my commuter last winter when I picked up some Bar Mitts and found they didn’t play well with the welded-on grip area. No problems with the Bend, and just in time for a cold snap.
If you’re wondering, the name has nothing to do with the shape. The H-bar stands for “handlebar.”
The Bend is available now in black or silver at