Saturday morning proved beautiful with wide-open skies greeting us as we began the bikepacking portion of the trip. We made it all of 250 feet before we had to stop and make adjustments to the bags on our Fargo bikes. The next two hours can be described in four words: Ride, Stop, Adjust, Repeat. It was actually a great learning experience. We knew we wouldn’t get it 100% perfect from the start, so we gave ourselves two extra hours, and we wound up using it all taking pictures and rearranging our gear.
The roads narrowed as we pedaled deeper into the north woods. Gravel roads became minimum maintenance roads. MMR’s became ATV trails, and for some stretches bike-only trails. We had all kinds of trail conditions; mud, rock gardens, steep climbs, and technical descents. Each obstacle was a learning experience. For both of us, it was the first time we had negotiated these things on bikes while carrying all our camping gear. After reminding myself that this wasn’t a race, picking and choosing my lines became much easier.
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