Smart Wheel | FlyKly

Smart Wheel is here to offer a brand new perspective on the invention know as the bicycle: it will make an end to needless effort spent on pedaling, to being tired all the time, to being afraid of having your bike stolen. Smart Wheel now turns a ride through busy streets into a gentle breeze and flattens the steep hills into the horizon so you can finally focus on the road ahead.

Having a Smart Wheel on your bike means distances are now becoming shorter. By quickly replacing your old rear wheel with this minimalistic pedal assist you’re now able to turn virtually any bicycle into an electric powered one. Just start pedaling and the Smart Wheelstarts kicking in at speeds up to 25 mph. It can take you as far as 50 miles on a single charge which should be more than enough for your daily ride to work or school - and back! And in case you do run out of power you can always recharge it by riding downhill or pedaling on your own.

With Smart Wheel you will always be on time. Spare your breath and finally enjoy yourself for a change during your daily commute. There’s no need to be worried about getting to your morning meeting or an evening date all sweaty and sore. Smart Wheel helps you keep your efforts and spend the energy where it really matters.

Smart Wheel connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 through which you’re now able to fully operate your bike. All you really need to do is set the top speed in the FlyKly App and you’re ready to go. The app helps you monitor your current speed as well as the time and the distance already travelled. When you’re done you can simply lock your bike with a touch of a button and even track it in case it starts moving.Smart Wheel learns from your habits and soon starts suggesting ways to improve your biking experience as well as experiences of your fellow cyclists.