Some roads are not fit for both autos, bicycles | Dispatch

There is a major problem that needs to be addressed when two competing forces fight for the same turf. I have no problem with bicyclists on safe roadways or paths, but I do have a problem with groups of unyielding bicyclists on roads that are not made for them. 

I'm talking about roads barely wide enough for two cars. An example is Lithopolis Winchester Road, in Franklin and Fairfield counties. It’s not that safe for two cars to pass (with many blind spots), let alone cars and bicyclists, yet it was made a bicycle path. 

Are you kidding me? 

I have lost count of the times I have seen cars pass bicyclists in an unsafe manner or have seen large groups of bicyclists stop the flow of traffic, especially on weekends, because they have no place to go when cars are lining up behind them. 

There are roads that have appropriate width and flatness to allow both parties a certain amount of safety, but not roads like Lithopolis Winchester. I would suggest the powers that be start looking at so-called bike paths and eliminate the ones that are unsafe and disallow bicyclists use of same. 


Canal Winchester

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