The Explainer: Because I @#$%ing hate bullies |

Shop DoorI was once asked, by a curious high school student, why I went to law school.
Maybe my response wasn’t exactly appropriate, but my answer remains the same: “Because I @#$%ing hatebullies.”
Well, maybe that’s the answer to why — after so many months off — I am resurrecting “The Explainer.”
By now many of you have seen the story making its way around cycling-related social media about the Afghanistan war veteran in Cochrane, Alberta, who opened up a small bike shop over an ice cream parlor and his encounter with a @#$%ing bully.
If you haven’t read about Dan Richter and the CafĂ© Roubaix Bicycle Studio, do me a quick favor before you do. Without clicking on the link, answer this quick and easy question:
What do you, oh velo-centric bike geeks among us, think of when you hear the word “Roubaix?”