The Friendly Cat's Paw

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The Friendly Cat's Paw


Motorists and Cyclists alike,

As you already know: most states require a three foot buffer for a motorist to pass a cyclist. How far is three feet? Well, it's pretty impractical to hang a measuring tape out of your window.

So what is the solution?
The KaleCoAuto Friendly Cat's Paw. Simply attach the clamp side to your bicycle and extend the telescoping Cat's Paw. This extends to exactly 2ft 11 and 7/8ths inches. If a motorist passes too close, the spring-loaded Cat's Paw will gently brush the paint of the vehicle and emit a high pitched squealing sound as the (user replaceable!) friendship-blades run across the paint!

The motorist will know immediately they are too close, and give you a friendly wave. Whew! Accident avoided.

Another KaleCoAuto product that makes sharing the road safer and more fun!*

Weight Weenies: Only 113 grams!

*Not for use with pedestrians.