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If you've got drop handlebars on your bike, you know they have a tendency to swing around and hit the top tube - causing unsightly dents or chips. That's why we decided to make the Top TOOB Protector - a simple ring that absorbs the handlebar impact, right where you need it.

Easily attach it to your bicycle when you need it, and snap it off when you don't. The rubber stretches to fit almost any top tube diameter and we've covered up the back of the button so that it doesn't scratch your bike. The Top TOOB protector is tough and hard wearing, and will never slip or move.

Designed with fixed gear and track cyclers in mind, anybody with drop handlebars can benefit from this simple and clean top tube protector.

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Length - approx 11 cm
Width - approx 2 cm
Innertube type - 700/23c
Works with most common top tube diameters (Ask if you're not sure).

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