Walnut U-LOCK HOLSTER - Rack-Mounted (For 5.5" X 7.25" U-lock)

Finally a convenient and stylish way to carry your u-lock on your bicycle! 
Inspired by Brooks saddles, I designed this holster after searching for months for a stylish, non-plastic way to carry my u-lock on my bike rather than in my bag, and refined the design on my bike commutes to ensure it stays put in a rattle-free way.
The u-lock holster has been featured on The Awesomer, Gear Culture, and Biped Fred.
Super-strong waxed hand-stitching keeps your lock tightly secured and rattle-free.  
The leather in this holster is made with USA-made tanned leather from a local company that I finished with a combination process including Walnut Studiolo weatherproofing dressing.
Hand-finished, hand-stitched thick leather holster attaches to your bike in two places on your front or rear rack using Chicago screws and a buckle closure. It requires a flathead screwdriver to mount. 
This u-lock holster is designed to fit the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-Evo 5 u-lock (or any lock with exterior dimensions approximately 5.5" wide crossbar x 7.25" long).  U-lock companies include the inside dimensions of their u-locks in their specs rather than the outside (they measure the "hole" in the middle rather than the dimensions of the lock itself) - the Mini-5 is 5.5 x 7.25 on the outside and 3.25 x 5.5 on the inside.