45NRTH “Gravdal” Tires: Final Review- by Guitar Ted | Gravel Grinder News

The Winter so far has proven to have given me ample opportunities to ride on ice with the studded 45NRTH Gravdal tires. For a look at my previous post on these tires, see HERE. DSCF2883Otherwise, this will be my final say on these tires for Winter travel.
Ride Performance: First off, I will admit that many of the “average” studded tires I have ridden in the past have left me less than thrilled by the prospect of using a studded tire at all. However; these tires have changed my tune on that. They are not at all dreadful to ride. They don’t feel totally dead, and they do not feel like they have tons of rolling resistance. They feel fine, for what they are, which is a heavily treaded, weighty, studded tire. In this light, they are nice to ride on.
You definitely feel the weight here, but again, when you can cut through four inches of snow and have grip, it seems a reasonable compromise. This was a pleasant surprise and the Gravdal clears slush and snow really well with the tread design it has. As a pure winter tire, it does really well.