On a longer bike tour it’s nice to have a handlebar bag that enables quick access to the camera. But there just aren’t that many options. Ortlieb is the go to company with three different size variations in their ‘Ultimate’ series. They also offer camera inserts for the larger versions, but they are boxy, bulky and just don’t seem comfortable to carry off the bike.
I brought the small Ortlieb Ultimate bar bag on our last trip, but I also limited myself to the somewhat dainty, fixed 35mm, Fuji X100. It and a pair of sunglasses were about all the Ortlieb could carry. No complaints about the camera or the bag, but for a trip to Africa I wanted a bigger kit with a couple of lens options. To accommodate a DSLR and 2-3 lenses, still a fairly minimal kit, a larger bag is necessary. I ran across the Crumpler Kashgar (large) and thought it was the perfect bag for the job.
The Kashgar Outpost, although very lightweight, is fairly rigid with a bottom plastic sheet, a semi-rigid foam body and plenty of padding. However, I felt that to make it perfectly rugged it needed a coroplast backing sheet. Here is the step-by-step process used to convert the Kashgar to a very solid bar bag using the Rixen and Kaul KLICKfix system.
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