Do-It-Yourself Porsche?

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Some of us are more eager than others to become Porsche owners. It is safe to assume that every Porsche owner relishes the moment they stepped into their first (real) Porsche and that’s something that aspiring Porsche owners hope to experience for themselves. Typically we at 911Nation would applaud the driven Porsche enthusiast (myself included) who works everyday towards owning their first Porsche, but in this case we were left with a loss for words and a slight tilt of the head. We don’t want to condone taking desperate measures or short-changing oneself from the ultimate experience (of Porsche Ownership), but we must applaud the enthusiasm and sheer madness that yielded this amazing outcome (apollo lunar landing module metallic finish aside). While one can conceive of many ways of achieving lofty goals, such as Porsche ownership, there is only one real way to D.I.Y. and that’s by earning it! One thing we must concede, this is perhaps the most Eco-Friendly Porsche concoction to hit the streets!

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