Downtown cycling spikes since track installed | CBCNews

Calgary’s new bicycle report boasts a spike in the number of bike trips into downtown since its cycle track opened.
Tom Thivener, the city's cycling co-ordinator, says before the track opened, about 250 people per day used that route to get into the core.
Since installing a separated bike lane on Seventh Street S.W., a new city report says ridership along the route has increased by 430 per cent. (City of Calgary )
“Since putting in cycle track — which is a barrier separated bike lane — ridership has gone up to over 1,100 cyclists a day. So it’s about a 430 per cent increase on this one facility alone.”
He says that stat — and another form the report showing the overall number of bike trips went up 26 per cent between 2007 and 2013 — helps support plans to expand the number of cycle tracks around the city.
“We are at that stage where we have a robust planning stage under way, we expect to come back to the committee, before council in April,” said Thivener.
“Hopefully we'll get a direction that we can continue to do a network of these to make cycling a legitimate mode of transportation into downtown Calgary.”
Thivener says there are plans to install a network of tracks so cyclists can get around Calgary easier.