Eyeglass company sees business beyond the Web | Seattle Times

Inside Caruh Salon on Roosevelt Way, Madeline Anderson stands beside a salmon-tinted three-wheeler topped with trendy eyeglass frames and a glamour-lit mirror. She says she has a rounder face with soft features, so the sharply angled frames she’s wearing contrast nicely.
After discussing pricing and other details with customers, she says face shape is the next thing she talks about.
Anderson is a personal stylist who started working for Seattle-based Rivet & Sway three weeks ago when the company launched the newest physical counterpart of its women’s eyeglass boutique online.
“Specs on Wheels” was wheeled into Caruh two weeks ago and will stay in the salon through November.
The cruiser-bike-contraption is equipped with an iPad and about 36 different frames on display. It represents the third leg of Rivet & Sway’s company, which began as an online store in August 2012 and added a Pioneer Square showroom in July. During the last year, the company has also staged various pop-up-shop events in Seattle.