"It's Hard to Say" if U.S. Bike Share Systems Will Survive Bixi's Bankruptcy -- Reporter | WNYC

Bixi bike share, Montreal (arcsi/flickr)
Earlier this week, Montreal's Bixi bike share program filed for bankruptcy. Now, a reporter closely following that company's sorry financial history says that could have implications for the Bixi-designed software used by many bike share systems in the U.S.
In an interview with NPR's Renee Montaigne, Andy Riga—the transportation reporter for the Montreal Gazette—says Bixi's financial troubles stem from loss of control of its software, which led to delays in cities including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.
"If in fact Bixi fails, what does it means to other cities?" Montaigne asked. "Can they survive if Bixi doesn't?"
"That's hard to say," Riga responded, saying that there was talk New York and other systems might start over with software.