Samsung And Trek Team Up To Make Smartphone-Friendly Bikes | Gadget Review

The bicycle is one of the more effective means of conveyance out there. But it’s also not necessarily one best-suited to our connected lifestyle; if you see a cyclist on his or her phone, you’re probably seeing somebody about to get hit by a semi. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be some phone-friendly innovations on your bike, and Trek and Samsung would like to show off a few.

Charging While Pedaling

The first, and simplest, addition is a charging cradle between the handlebars. Designed, as you may have guessed, for Samsung devices, you simply slot your device in between and can use it as a GPS or other tool while your pedaling ensures it doesn’t lose any juice. In other words, it’s fairly similar to devices we’ve seen and tried out, but with a Samsung focus. The other bike is, however, the more interesting.