Upcycled Bike Tube iPad / Tablet Sling Case Built in the USA | Kickstarter

The eco-friendly, durable, padded, storm-resistant travel case for your iPad or tablet made from upcycled bike tubes in the USA.
After being frustrated with using a tablet and not having adequate storage to hold accessories like power cords, stylist, headphones, etc. I decided to design a durable and functional case to solve this dilemma in a stylish and eco-friendly manner.
I knew I could develop a case that would be functional, stylish and eco-friendly. After a bunch of prototyping this is my latest version almost ready for production.
For your support in this project we will reward you with first run of the upcycled bike tube tablet sling cases and other sweet Green Guru Gear made from upcycled bicycle tubes in Boulder Colorado. You will be helping make a difference recycling more bicycle tubes with every bit of support. The more we raise the more tubes are recycled. You can see more about our company here www.GreenGuruGear.com and follow us on facebook here www.facebook.com/greengurugear.
The initial concept was to have a case that offered padded protection to the tablet as well as help organize and protect accessories that I needed to take along with me. I started sketching different concepts and configurations. I explored different ways to get the tablet in and out of the case as well as different shapes.
I knew I wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible, as well as durable and water resistant. That influenced me to make it out of upcycled bike tubes and recycled fabrics in the USA. From growing up working at a bike shop, I know how many tubes are thrown away every day and I wanted to reduce that impact of an activity I love.
Once I determined what general design and materials I wanted the case to be made of, I started the prototyping process. The initial prototypes were rough, but functional.
I then realized I needed to have some type of carrying handle to transport the case easily. So I included a haul handle on top.
After thinking about it further I started to want to carry the case by itself outside of a bag. 
I determined it also needed to have a shoulder strap so that it could be slung over my shoulder for walking long distances or for my bike ride to work or the coffee shop.
After sketching out a variety of concepts, I have been able to develop a few prototypes. 
What makes this products so special is that it is constructed of used bike tubes that would normally go to waste. Being an avid cyclist this was a great way to reduce my impacts from getting all those flat tires and at the same time have a material that was durable, water resistant and looked classy like leather.
Beyond its functionality and looks, the tablet sling case will be lightweight and very well made. We won't skimp on anything and it will include a rear padded zipper pouch for accessories, as well as multiple strap points for your carrying convenience. We are in the final stages of prototyping and testing our designs.
Each new version is more refined and closer to production. We have been taking a lot of measurements and making updates to the pattern sets and sewing new prototypes.
This is our latest prototype that is almost complete. With a little more fine tuning, then designing the dies for cutting, we will be able to go into production.

 The outside is made of upcycled bike tubes for style and to shed the rain.
The back will have 100% recycled PET fabric with water resistant coating that when it is against your shirt or skin it will be soft to touch and not hot. There will be 4 triangle rings to allow for a wide range of attachments to the strap or other bags.

After receiving necessary funding, we will be able to complete the design with a few more prototypes refining the design as much as possible. This will take 2-3 weeks. Once the final design is decided on, we will design and construct the cutting dies with a local die maker. This will take about a week. Once the dies are finished we will work with a local sewing partner to help cut and sew the cases. This will take approximately 3-4 weeks. Once production is complete we will start shipping the cases out to the backers. They will take about a week to be delivered. Through the process I will be sending pictures of the prototypes, die designs, die making process and the sewing/manufacturing stages so you can see the process first hand and see how much difference your backing has made.


Thanks for considering my project. We look forward to making it happen with your help! You will not only be receiving great incentives, you will also be helping reduce the amount of bike inner tubes that will go to the landfill making the world a little greener.

If you are interested in checking out more upcycled products I have developed for Green Guru visit www.greengurugear.com or our facebook atwww.facebook.com/greengurugear  . Also we will be launching other great products through Kickstarter in the future so be sure follow us on facebook to get updates. Thanks!