1886 Pausey Pioneer Cross-Frame Safety | THE ONLINE BICYCLE MUSEUM

1886 was the first year of cross-frame safeties and this bicycle is delightfully basic

The Ivel was the second cross-frame to be patented, in April 1886

Herbert Pausey manufactured ordinaries between 1879 and 1886 and, from around 1887 he traded as Pausey & Co at 52 Park Rd, Clapham.

He patented a number of innovative devices, including a bicycle that could be converted into a tandem.

One of his 1885 Pioneer Safety models had spring-loaded steering; another model was the ’Pioneer Direct-Steerer Racer’ tricycle; while the 1886 ‘Pioneer Portable Direct-Steering Racer’ could be disassembled and packed into a canvas bag.

His 1889 ‘Pioneer Safety’ had a divided diamond frame.

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