9 Awesome Bicycle Concepts

Chris Boardman’s Intelligent Bike Concept

From past to future the concept of bicycles hasn’t changed much, a seat, pedal, two wheels and frame. While one shouldn’t try to change which is not broken, but here are custom-made bicycle concept.

1. Cube Urban Street Bike Concept

Do you love folding bikes ? Do you always argue that “I don’t have room for bicycle” ? then now your argument is invalid because of this awesome concept bike ! The design ditches the top stoy and seat tube from the traditional cycles, that can reduce a huge amount of weight from the cycle. It is designed by student of Coburg University Germany, lets hope that the concept transits into real life product.
Cube Urban Street Bike Concept


  1. Ingenious designs and concepts but is it possible to combine practicality and creative designs?


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