A Less Sketchy Alternative To Craigslist Creates An Online Marketplace For Used Bikes

With a weekly, hand-picked list of bikes for sale, Get Biked hopes to make buying a two-wheeled vehicle on a budget easier than ever before.

As a first-time cyclist in a new city, learning to bike with the flow of traffic can be like learning a new language. There's etiquette, for one. Hand signals. Lingo. The helmet issue. Then, putting aside the fear of getting doored, sometimes there's also just the social anxiety of being a n00b in a world of die-hard bike geeks.
Dave Dawson, 28, creator of peer-to-peer bike marketplace Get Biked, however, is here to reassure everyone. "You don't need expensive clothes, or [to] be a hipster," he says. "You just need a bike."
Last fall, Dawson launched Get Biked as an email listserv where individual cyclists in New York City could put their bikes up for sale. He had three main goals: First, to create a "passive buying" experience issued as a weekly list of bikes. Secondly, he wanted to make uninitiated cyclists more comfortable with buying a frame on budget. Lastly, Dawson wanted Get Biked to serve as an educational platform--a place to share tips and experiences.

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