If anyone sees a Red Mazda 6 with ohio plates GCQ 2052, please call the police. These two men stole a bike from us (Paradise Garage) today. B1 Bicycles also had a bike stolen today and could be the same people. 

First guy was a clean cut 5'5" guy, creamish sweater, missing right upper canine tooth. The other guy, 5'10ish, red oakley beenie, smelled like an ashtray, visible neck/upper chest tattoos, eyes kind of glazed over/cataracts.

Bicycle one in Gahanna also had a bike stolen yesterday, Cannondale Quick, black with green accents (thanks Anna!)

Fuji Sportif 2.1 Black 54cm (Paradise Garage), Cannondale Quick 4 Blue (B1's, SN: GM47642)

UPDATE 02/13/2014 10PM

Ric Noland from Cyclist Connection said the bikes are at Lanbar Sales at 960 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43206  A customer stopped in with photos of the bikes and asked Ric if they were worth buying.


  1. I also got a report that they went into the Clintonville BikeSource, today, but were unable to steal anything.


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