Riding with the Breeze | Dirt Rag

"It’s hard to imagine a more unassuming guy than Joe Breeze. Unlike his contemporaries Gary Fisher or Tom Ritchey, who are easy to spot in a crowd, Breeze could be the guy standing in line in front of you at the grocery store, or your friendly neighbor who always greets you with a wave and a smile. Of course, if you live in Fairfax, California, there’s a good chance he is both of these things.
Tucked away in a dense neighborhood at the foot of Cascade Canyon is the modest home he shares with his wife Connie and two cats. Breeze moved here in the late 1980s and, always unwilling to stop improving things, went about digging out the basement for a workshop,  built a second story, and added a walkway to the pool that sits slightly higher up along the hillside."

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